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How our studio innovates

We breathe life into ideas that sound impossible to everyone except you.

Vancouver, Canada's PH1 Media partners with innovators like you who are transforming agencies, startups, corporations into customer-centric organizations who thrive on digital.

We turn your ideas into exceptional digital experiences and help you champion them within your organization by delivering powerful research, customized innovation workshops, eye-opening internal thought leadership, game-changing ideation, transformative product UX design and roadmaps.

Creating change is a challenge and that’s why you need allies who have been there in the trenches of driving change too.

Our team has lived and breathed creating change from the inside or all types of organizations: billion-dollar tech companies, boot-strapped startups, crown corporations, major consumer brands.

Thanks to decades of experience designing and managing global strategies we understand how important it is that every dollar is spent effectively while turning your vision into a reality.

Meet Our Team

Arpy Dragffy

President, Director of Strategy & UX

Brittany Hobbs

GM, Director of Research & Branding

Tyler Warcup

Director of Revenue & Traffic

Paula Guzman

Product Development

"You are incredible instructors and what I've learned from you in one day is immeasurable. In fact, I sent the minutes to our Management, Graphic Design, Web Dev, Social Media and Sales departments for immediate implementation."

Jason from escapes.ca