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How our studio innovates

Understand &
Predict Changes

Stay ahead of your competition and exceed customer expectations thanks to insights that analytics and NPS scores alone can't deliver. Vancouver, Canada's PH1 Media is a strategic research consultancy that answers critical questions, like:

  • How can we improve and personalize the customer experience?
  • What is causing customers to purchase less?
  • Why has customer behaviour & product use changed?
  • Which value propositions and features excite your market?

Our research methods are informed by innovation & startup methodologies to get you the most effective insights, in as cost-effective and action-oriented of a format possible.

Thanks to our human centred research approach we deliver you Voice of the Customer research that enables your teams to understand customers motivations and decision processes.

As Customer Experience strategists we deliver research and insights that identify opportunities to enhance your products/services and innovate your industry. And as Design Thinking business coaches we give your team the tools to integrate research insights in any department.

Meet Our Team

Arpy Dragffy

Founder, Director of Strategy

Brittany Hobbs

GM, Director of Research & Branding

Tyler Warcup

Director of Revenue & Traffic

Dana Daher

Research Manager

"You are incredible instructors and what I've learned from you in one day is immeasurable. In fact, I sent the minutes to our Management, Graphic Design, Web Dev, Social Media and Sales departments for immediate implementation."

Jason from escapes.ca