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How our studio innovates

We deliver customer insights that help you innovate faster

We help organizations —private & public sector— become customer-centric digital innovators. Our team of researchers, strategists, designers, and facilitators provide the unique ability to analyze your business challenges and provide research insights and tested digital experience prototypes.

Business challenges we excel at solving:

  • How can we make our digital experience more user-centred?
  • How can we improve our product so that it is more appealing to a wider audience?
  • How can we innovate our product to better engage Millennials?
  • Why are our customers not using a particular service, product, or feature more?
  • Have we achieved product-market fit and if not, why?
  • Is there a demand for our product or service in a particular market?

Our firm understands your challenges because we’ve previously spent decades of experience working with agencies, corporate, startups, and as entrepreneurs. It has enabled us to swiftly apply our research & strategy methodologies across various industries: Public Health, Retail/Ecommerce, Commercial Banking, Angel Investment, Charitable Lotteries, Telecommunications, Education Tech, and Tourism Tech.

Additionally, our team is small, which enables us to operate in a very cost-effective and personal manner that large agencies and consulting firms simply cannot offer.

Meet Our Team

Arpy Dragffy

Founder, Director of Strategy

Brittany Hobbs

GM, Director of Research & Branding

Tyler Warcup

Web Development, Analytics & SEO

Adriana Dolnyckyj

Design Thinking Expert

"You are incredible instructors and what I've learned from you in one day is immeasurable. In fact, I sent the minutes to our Management, Graphic Design, Web Dev, Social Media and Sales departments for immediate implementation."

Jason from escapes.ca