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Find the best way to harness the possibilities of Web3

Web3 and NFT Opportunity Research & Strategy Experts

Web3 enables brands to create new revenue streams by fundamentally transforming and deepening the relationship with their communities and customers. We help corporations identify and prove the opportunity of NFTs and DAOs. We explore which value propositions, audience segments, and designs will be most effective. Our experience comes from working on more than a dozen Web3 projects, including some of the largest of 2021, 2022, and yet-to-come!


Find best Web3 opportunity

Investigate opportunities to enhance your brand and community


Define value propositions

Research & test the best ways of engaging your community


Test & launch products

Test designs, products, and monitor project launches

Web3 & Decentralized Community Monetization Expertise

Collectible NFTs & Marketplaces

Transform creator monetization

Tokenized Communities & DAOs

Empower and amplify your community

Digital Goods & Fan Utility

Create new revenue streams & rewards

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We've worked on several of the largest NFT and marketplace projects released to date, including NFL ALL DAY. Collectible non-fungible tokens engage fandom and high spenders in a way that completely transforms revenue models for creators. The interoperability also allows for connectivity across CX, like never before. PH1 are experts in identifying the most effective value propostion and product offering for your particular brand and community.

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DAOs have the potential to shift the role of customers –and by putting control in their hands, redefine brands themselves. They exist to optimize value creation within an ecosystem, driving bottom-up and top-down engagement. While this frightens many brands, those intrepid enough will see entire new business models appear and disrupt old ones. PH1 supports in the discovery and concept testing of these new models, like we did for Braintrust on their mission to transform talent networks.

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Fandom is the driving force of Web3. Value is created by feeling closer to idols. They may be musicians, artists, athletes, or fictional characters. Digital goods are NFT-light, offering a technologically simpler way for fans to interact with paywalls to get improved access and enhanced features. PH1 supports clients in the discovery of the most appropriate models, designs, and implementations. They are an effective and lean bridge to Web3 before you're ready to invest fully.

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