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Understand your customers and what they want

Behavioural personas & journey mapping services

Innovation without direction is wasted budget. Personas and journey maps provide teams with prioritized opportunities. Those insights about near-term and long-term improvements are critical to making any product, marketing, or business decision.


Transform how teams envision customers & needs

Pinpoint pain points

Identify the exact issues & touchpoints

Prioritize improvements

Get clairty on how to deepen relationships

Customer Persona & Journey Mapping Development Expertise

Psychographic analysis

Investigate how they make decisions

Persona development

Needs, expectations, motivators, pain points

Customer journey maps

Step-by-step analysis of product/service

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Our researchers are experts in a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods. They apply these in a human-centred manner to assess the behavioural choices of customers. We collect data about intentions, perceptions, attitudes, needs, emotional drivers, and deciding factors. We also use alternative methods to remove bias, like ethnography and comparing against appended data from client databases.

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Personas are a robust snapshot of your customers. They should detail how engaged they are, what motivates them, their jobs-to-be-done, how to deepen your relationship, and what could cause churn. Effective personas should also include specifics that align to other critical strategic questions, like most important features, campaigns, messages, and interactions. Personas should be defined in consultation with stakeholders and should be delivered in way that will best support and enhance decision-making of all teams who will be using them.

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It's assumed that journey maps are a standard deliverable, listing emotional states and touchpoints – but they are not. Effective customer journey maps should be measureable in how usable they are for an organization's various teams. Journey maps are infographics that can easily become too information dense, too simplistic, or too focused on the wrong variable(s). We work with clients to pinpoint what journey maps must accomplish and who will use them. We then craft variables, templates, and in-line information to match. This example is for a geographic journey map that details where a specific persona were visiting and how often.

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