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Answer business questions about how to best leverage AI

AI product discovery consulting & AI user testing experts

Every business will need to leverage AI. The technology will add countless operational gains and opportunities to gain competitive advantages. But the technology is so nascent that there's no clear roadmap to success and no best practices. PH1 Research solves this by pinpointing how your team should leverage AI and test potential AI concepts. We coach your team through the process and take care of getting the answers you need to move your business forward.


AI product discovery

Find the best opportunity for your business by researching what matter to your customers


AI product concept design

Explore potential short-term or long-term innovative ways of leveraging AI


AI product testing & research

Get clarity on what to build by testing concepts, models, MVPs with target customers

AI Product Strategy & Research Expertise

Map and pinpoint use cases

Find out where you business can have impact

Determine value drivers for AI

Clarity on how to deliver on business outcomes

AI concept design & user testing

Get feedback on short-term & long-term innovations

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AI can open up immense possibilities. But it also leads to teams wanting to "boil the ocean" and waste effort trying to leverage the tech in every way.

PH1 brings you clarity of where to focus your efforts.

Our team analyzes how your customers use your products & services. We map use cases and find out which are the most important to them. Within each of those use cases we then determine the pain points and solution they need.

Our deliverables prioritize where your product team should focus on and we outline the requirements for success.

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Leveraging AI is ultimately about convincing users to switch behavior patterns. In the case of leveraging for backend efficiency gains, stakeholders need to buy into a new pattern of working. In the case of capturing new markets, it is about displacing incumbent products.

To do this successfully we need to understand the value drivers of target customers. We need to understand how and why they make decisions in particular situations and how they holistically evaluate products.

PH1 Research conducts in-depth behavioral research to identify those value drivers. We prepare actionable guidelines for how product teams should leverage those value drivers and where to leverage them in the UX of your AI product.

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Rather than investing into expensive proof of concepts and demos, we recommend starting with design concepts and prototypes. The reason is that while demonstrating the technology is important, building products using emerging technologies face a range of barriers to adoptions. Those are more important to address before moving into the technology itself.

PH1's team does this either by: 1) Coaching and consulting your team through the design process, including sharing feedback and best practices from recent AI projects; or 2) Taking care of ideation sessions and concept design ourselves, where your team is consulted throughout.

We then get feedback from target customers. Many of our clients prefer to do this anonymously, where your brand is hidden. The testing provide critical insights for how to overcome barriers to entry and deliver impact.

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