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Case Study

Become the most trusted security product suite by households internationally

Mozilla’s mission is to ensure the Internet remains a safe and accessible global public resource – they want to ensure that everyday users can access the web while feeling safe, empowered, and independant. While their flagship product is the Firefox browser, they offer a whole family of products designed to keep you safer online.

The Mozilla privacy & security products include a VPN, personal information breach monitor, and email masking tool. Due to the increase of breaches and hacks, demand for privacy & security products has grown. This project sought to determine a road map to grow amongst a crowded field.

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The competitive advantages and opportunities didn’t align with what was expected. 

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Mozilla’s goals:

  • Identify opportunities to increase adoption & monetization

  • Determine how to increase revenue of Mozilla customers

These goals face headwinds from a consumer privacy & security landscape cluttered with competing options, plus audiences which largely still don’t understand the value of privacy & security products.

To understand the true market opportunity we needed to separate signal from noise. We needed to learn how to grow the LTV of Mozilla loyalists and assess the true market opportunity amongst those who had no connection to Mozilla. This would enable the retention and sales teams to prioritize their roadmaps.

We would accomplish this by:

  1. Creating personas based on the usage patterns of privacy & security users

  2. Sizing the market opportunity for each across Mozilla customer & sizing the broad opportunity across key international markets

  3. Prioritizing opportunity areas for expanding current LTV & win new customers

The first phase focused on understanding what drives purchase decisions around privacy & security products: 

  • Why they decided to buy a privacy & security product

  • Who they’re trying to protect & from what

  • Usage patterns & preferences for different products

Those findings challenged underlying assumptions about the needs of existing & future needs. The competitive advantages and opportunities didn’t align with what was expected. 

The second phase needed to deeply understand how to win:

  • Mapped usage patterns to determine opportunities for product marketing

  • Determined most valuable product, features, bundling opportunities for roadmaps

  • Defined comprehensive buyer personas, including opportunity profiles

Several product innovation opportunities were discovered. As a result, we facilitated an alignment workshop built around the core values of the organization. It helped to determine where to prioritize and incorporate the needs of each business unit and team.

The final phase sized market opportunities for the potential product innovation opportunities:

  • Gathered 1500 survey responses internationally to both understand the relevant size of user segments in the wider market, as well key traits and identifiers to inform marketing lookalike audiences 

  • Evaluated a range of innovation opportunities like bundling, product combination /  re-design, third-party partnerships, education and others across business needs and user needs in order to determine the highest value options for Mozilla to pursue 

In conclusion, we prioritized innovation opportunities and direction for product & UX teams for 2023 and beyond by hosting a series of team-specific and cross-team collaboration workshops to turn insights into actionable outcomes, weaving innovation opportunities into both existing and new Product work-streams over the next 1-3 years.

Provided Mozilla Product, UX and Marketing teams with a deeper understanding of:

  • Existing & future user needs when it comes to privacy and security, and what to do and what to avoid in order to meet them 

  • Key differences and considerations for marketing and positioning between North American and European markets 

  • Common language to speak about users across Product, UX and Marketing teams in order to build alignment and momentum 

  • Product innovation directions that will yield high value both with current and future customers 

  • High-level product and product marketing requirements for most high-value innovation opportunities within international markets

  • Discovered that thinking about marketing and positioning through the lens of user functional and emotional needs – as opposed to specific use cases or “jobs to be done” – would lead to better conversion and help the brand better connect with future users 

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