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Talent to Conquer your Biggest Challenges

Find freelance UX researchers, CX strategists, and service designers

We build the perfect team of expert contractors for your project. Tell us your needs —timeline, gaps, and goals— and we’ll provide you with trusted, mid-level and senior talent from our team and partners. Our teams come with experience with the biggest clients in the world and solving some of the largest challenges in the realms of UX and service design.

3 Ways of Working Together

Consulting Services

Our talented team takes care of everything

Fractional Team

Get a team that matches your needs & budget

Find Contractors.

Fill a short-term need with a reliable expert

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The consultancy model provides the most comprehensive outcomes. You will get a dedicated team, bringing decades of experience to your challenge. Through an initial set of scoping meetings, we will determine the most effective and cost-appropriate mix of team members to assign to your project.

These engagements focus on the highest impact in the shorted amount of time. Past projects using the consultancy model have included: exploring new revenue models, reducing cost centres, and finding new product opportunities.

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The fractional team model provides the most flexibility to expand and contract expertise as you need it. Treat us like we're an internal agency that you can count on us for regular activities —benchmarking, voice of customer, churn analysis— and we can take on one-off requests —innovation research, audits, industry scans. It guarantees you expert resources without needing to hire an FTE.

These engagements are well-suited to product teams before they get the funding to hire a dedicated team or for portfolios of businesses (VC funds, etc). Our team offers training that also enables those future hires to succeed faster.

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Hiring freelancers offers a dedicated resource that perfectly matches your project need. We provide trusted mid-to-senior level talent from across customer experience, service design, and UX. This resource would be supported on a weekly basis by PH1 leadership, meaning you gain the advantages of our best strategists and researchers act as project advisors.

These engagement can last from one month to one year. To ensure your success, they roles must be explicitly scoped in advance to ensure that your resources is well-matched and that they have visibiltiy on the work to be done. Note: Senior level talent, in particular, avoid ambiguity.

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