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Our mission is to solve the biggest problems impacting your digital experience.

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Research & strategy consultancy founded in 2012

PH1 Research’s mission is to solve the biggest problems impacting your digital experience. We use service design methods to investigate business challenges and apply human-centred design to prototype new initiatives and prepare a roadmap. Founded in 2012, we have innovated services across SaaS, financial, Web3, media, health, ecommerce, real estate, telecommunications, and public sector. Our model is highly collaborative, building alignment across teams by delivering evidence gathered from frontline teams, interviews, tests, and competitive evaluations. We have worked with Dapper Labs, Dell, National Football, The Weather Network, TELUS, Indigo, New Relic, University of Waterloo, and Government of Canada.

We are experts at

  • Overcoming uncertainty

  • Shifting perspectives

  • Re-imagining relationships

  • Humanizing at-scale

  • Being inclusive & transparent

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Our culture

  • Be distinct by imagining new possibilities
  • Be advocates for humanizing technology
  • Be champions of our clients and their customers
  • Be immersed in how behavioural change happens

We’re a small team of passionate researchers, strategists, and designers who love taking on our client’s biggest challenges. We’re united by our passion for learning and our drive to re-imagine possibilities. We’re at our best when we’re travelling the world together and looking for new paradigms to bring back into our work.

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What Our Partners Say

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“Our mission at Braintrust is to build the world’s most impactful talent network — one that is user-owned, aligns incentives, and redistributes value to Talent and Organizations. Brittany helped us do this by investigating what the future of work looks like when using Web3 technology. Her insights have helped us prioritize the next steps on our mission by evaluating the value propositions and features that matter most.”

Adam Jackson

CEO & Co-Founder

David Suzuki Foundation

“PH1 led a research project to help us better understand our donors at the beginning of the pandemic; a critical time for us to learn how to earn and retain the public’s trust and support. The PH1 team brought a calm, thorough, collaborative approach and demonstrated a strong understanding of our sector and audiences. Brittany was skilled in bringing together our internal expertise to shape the project’s direction, and in synthesising the insight so it could be immediately useful to us. We were hugely impressed with the outputs – we’ve undertaken similar work in the past and the personas PH1 developed are the most relevant, applicable and useful we’ve had to work with.”

Anna Bidmead

Associate Director


“The PH1 team is incredible - from the original brief to the end project output, they maintained momentum, timeliness and managed my expectations throughout the entire process. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering pursuit of our goals made Arpy and Brittany the ultimate team to deliver our customer journey mapping project. I can't recommend them enough.”

Carolyn Peachey

Director of Marketing


“The PH1 team was tremendous to work with for our customer journey mapping research project.
The team was able to effectively work with our key stakeholders to understand and assess our current customer touchpoints. They were able to help us formulate a process and piece together integral questions that were then asked to our customers which would help illustrate the various customer journeys we have.
At project completion, the PH1 team presented all of the findings to our key stakeholders with a clearly defined customer journey map, list of personas, and actionable improvements to enhance our customer experience across all touchpoints.”

Sumer Morad

Senior Marketing Manager

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