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Outcome of our annual planning retreat

PH1 Research's 2022 Strategic Vision

– By Arpy Dragffy

2022 marks the tenth anniversary of our small, yet mighty consulting firm. From scrappy beginnings taking any UX project we could find, to today working on huge clients today, we've learned to be adaptable. We're now taking on the industry-changing challenges and it requires setting an equally ambitious vision for our business.

Fittingly, our 2022 strategic vision was created in Colombia, where version 2 of the business was defined. It's a place Brittany and I love and one that fuels a desire to triumph against barriers. The strategic vision was the core outcome of our annual team retreat that brought everyone together for fun, work, and exploration.

Our mission

Solve the biggest problems impacting your digital experience

PH1 Research’s mission is to solve the biggest problems impacting your digital experience. We use service design methods to investigate business challenges and apply human-centred design to prototype new initiatives and prepare a roadmap. Founded in 2012, we have innovated services across SaaS, financial, Web3, media, health, ecommerce, real estate, telecommunications, and public sector. Our model is highly collaborative, building alignment across teams by delivering evidence gathered from frontline teams, interviews, tests, and competitive evaluations. We have worked with Dapper Labs, Dell, National Football, The Weather Network, TELUS, Indigo, New Relic, University of Waterloo, and the Government of Canada.

Our pillars

In every engagement, we help our clients

  • Overcome uncertainty

  • Shift perspectives

  • Re-imagine relationships

  • Humanize at-scale

  • Be inclusive & transparent

Our strategy

Thrive in a sea of stale agencies & under-equipped freelancers by

  • Being distinct by imagining new possibilities

  • Being advocates for humanizing technology

  • Being champions of our clients and their customers

  • Being immersed in how behavioural change happens

Our priorities

In 2022 we're focused on creating value through every interaction

  • Be future-focused on creating new possibilities

  • Be an ally of internal cultures and how to support them to change

  • Be a curator of the insights we learn and grander themes

  • Finding a content modality that best suits each of our passions

  • Contributing to the greater research, strategy, and industry communities 

  • Own and drive the success of our clients, projects, and our team

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