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Build the optimal top-of-funnel conversion experience

Hims is a one-stop telehealth service for men's wellness and care, providing treatment options for hair loss, ED & more. Thanks to Hims, men now have easier, more affordable access to the prescriptions, products, and medical advice they need. Especially about things they find difficult to discuss.

Telehealth is a new and growing market. Hims, in particular, has a massive opportunity to transform personal health. Key to that success is understanding what the optimal top-of-funnel conversion experience needs to be to introduce consumers to telehealth and build confidence in the Hims brand.

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Some of the insights were shocking and even counter-intuitive, proving the irrationality of consumers

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Hims’ goals:

  • Determine what the optimal top-of-funnel conversion experience would be

  • Build and optimize the landing page experience

While this may seem like a conventional conversion rate optimization project, Hims already had a robust practice of experimentation that had hit a wall. CRO methods were no longer yielding results and there was a need to look at the end-to-end conversion funnel systemically. 

We looked at this as a multivariate problem, one where we first needed to first unpack and categorize all the experimentation that had been done before. What had an impact and why? What didn’t have an impact and why? Then we could dive into a series of experiments and concept designs to narrow our focus towards big conversion wins.

This insight-led experimentation framework was quickly iterated towards a big conversion win. It also  delivered guidelines to empower teams to lead their own strategic exercises.

Build a body of knowledge & roadmap to success by:

  • Facilitating insights-gathering sessions with stakeholders

  • Compiling lessons from past experiments and user research

  • Determining themes and gaps that must be answered 

Determine what drives a conversion rate lift by:

  • Running single-variable experiments to assess the impact of landing page components 

  • Conducting user research to understand decision-making process & impact of components

This foundation provided the insights necessary to begin a concept design phase that incorporated everything we’ve learned about the top-of-funnel experience. Some of the insights were shocking and even counter-intuitive, proving the irrationality of consumers. They challenged assumptions and opened new paths forward to lift the conversion rate.

The final phase was a series of design sprints

  • We led designers, content writers, and conversion specialists through workshops and ideation sessions

  • Created clickable prototypes and exercises to quantify the likelihood of converting

  • Recruited a representative set of consumers to test concepts with

  • Tested variants to refine understanding of how to increase conversion rate

  • Led the creation of top-performing conversion funnel assets

  • Implemented an insights-led experimentation framework that enabled creative teams to envision new opportunities to boost performance

  • Developed a toolkit that compiled all lessons learned and guidelines for future conversion funnel projects

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