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Expert and Senior Contractors: Service Design, UX Research, Product Strategy

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    We’re service designers, researchers and strategists who turn your organisation’s biggest challenges into innovation opportunities. By combining Design Thinking and Lean Startup approaches we can cost-effectively and time-efficiently pinpoint how your team can deliver more impactful services at scale.

    We help you meet your innovation goals — increase sales/donations/members, increase service effectiveness/usability, increase conversions/retention — by conducting a deep dive into what matters most to your customers and community. We do this using CX audits, journey mapping, persona development, and Design Thinking workshops.

    Founded in 2012, our clients have most commonly been from Higher Education, e-Health, Government, Packaged Goods / Retail, Tourism, and as a subcontractor for Agencies. We have also worked with the Financial Services, Foundations / Charities, and more sectors.

    Our team brings decades of experience leading teams for Canada’s top agencies, technology firms, and brands. We deliver human insights and actionable recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your marketing, sales, product, and community teams.

    Our Team

    Arpy Dragffy

    Principal + Head of Strategy

    Brittany Hobbs

    COO + Head of Research

    Art Assoiants

    Experience Researcher Manager

    Rob Morton

    UX Designer