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Janis Vetsch

5+ Years

Senior Product & Experience Designer

5+ Years

With innate swiss attention to detail and a passion for empowering communities, I combine my education in psychology, public health and user experience design with hands-on experience in building teams, products and services. For the past five years, I have worked with organizations across Canada to best serve their communities by utilizing socially conscious and user-centric design solutions. My approach is built on creating systems and components that simplify experiences and enable products to scale.

Challenges I've solved

  • Rapid innovation of new features that will improve the daily lives of 6 million Canadians

  • Improving access to smoking cessation support initiatives and community

  • Research identifying opportunities to improve rural medicine coordination efforts.

  • Create design systems for indigenous language revitalization.

  • UX/UI design to assist folks in their smoking cessation journey.

About me

When not solving design challenges, you can find me racing around town in an ambulance or running up a mountain with my dog.

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