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Brittany Hobbs

10+ Years

Principal Mixed Methods Researcher

10+ Years

Brittany is the Head of Research for PH1 Research Inc, helping organizations gather and analyze research to improve the effectiveness of businesses, from startups and social impact, all the way to multi-million dollar strategies. Thanks to her decade of experience leading big brands, she understands the most cost-effective way to deliver insights that can transform organisations into innovators. She creates customized research strategies that eliminate costly respondent bias and false positives by creating a mixed methods approach across qualitative (Customer interviews, field visits, ethnography, focus groups, usability/UX testing) and quantitative (surveys, ad tracking, economic/data analysis). Her research has been used by corporations to identify new revenue opportunities, by startups to validate products, and by governmental organizations to create perception shifts. Helping grow the entrepreneurial and marketing communities is the passion that drives her as an educator. She has taught at UBC Sauder, internationally, sat as the Director of Thought Leadership for the BC American Marketing Association, and heads up the Vancouver Research Professionals and CX Challenges communities for education and thought leadership within the customer experience and user experience industry.

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