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How to create customer journey maps & journey mapping tips

– By Arpy Dragffy

A guide to help you create the best customer journey maps, plus case studies explaining why journey mapping is important

Customer journey mapping is the most-discussed tool within customer experience; It is also the most difficult to learn. When done properly, journey mapping has the power to transform how your entire organization works together and how you envision improving your end-to-end CX. This guide will detail lessons our firm has learned creating journey maps for tech, ecommerce, higher education, tourism, and financial services. Our goal throughout is to enable you to overcome the common barriers that sink journey mapping projects.

It was written specifically because there is so little information online explaining how to ensure your journey mapping project will be successful. It was created based on our experience at PH1 Research consulting clients since 2012.

Download the guide here: The Secret to Effective Customer Journey Mapping

If you additional questions about journey mapping please contact us. We are one Canada's leading customer journey mapping expert service providers.

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